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To a special person on her very special day today (14/7/00)...HAPPY BIRTHDAY

                                DEBBIE DEAREST!!!!!

This is something that I wrote specially for you and hope that you like it......


It's Your Time @ Birthday Song

It's time for you now

To decide what you want

Leave all doubts behind

Do what you decide

cho:    Coz now it's your time

           To pick your own way

           Now it's time

           The past leave away

           Bear in mind

           It may lead you astray

           But be tough

           Your will have your day

           Coz today

           Happy birthday to you

Though you will not be strong

To face, carry on

But deep inside you

You believe that it's true

Past it thru


bridge:    Though I will not be there

              to say this to you

              But I know that someday

              it will all comes true

              Be strong and be tough

              Things will come on your way

              On your way


music and lyric by Cyril (QKL5365 music) (T.M.P)

additional vocal by Aloy (T.M.P)



oh ya.....please click here to listen to the unplugged version( you might be looking

for this one kan???)